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86 2.5 Auto transmission fluid recommendation

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86 with a A904 transmission. According to the service manual, it says Dexron II. I know that they changed to Dexron III saying it is a replacement for II. I’ve found 2 types of III, Dexron IIIH and IIIE. Is E just an extra additive for corrosion resistance, and are interchangeable? Just wanting to make sure, can’t find much on the old A904s. 

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So after I noticed that the fluid level was a little low I topped it off with Dexron. Here lately when starting the truck up, usually when it’s cold, it doesn’t want to fully engage in reverse or it shakes trying to back up. Foward gears are just fine. Let it warm up and it seems to be going into reverse just fine. Fluid level is where it should be and still does it. I plan on changing the fluid and filter. Is there anything else I should do and or look for? Adjustments of any kind? 

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