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1999 14’ Toy hauler build (Towed behind MJ)

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I picked up this trailer at the end of last year for a steal of 500$

so far I’ve gotten some decent work done on it, when I got it it needed 4 new tires(they are the original 1999 tires) the roof was caved in a decent amount from the record snowfall from about 10 years ago, and the roof needs to be sealed. But in order for me to use it, I have to wire up my MJ for an official 7 pin instead of just being tapped into the tail light sockets(blows fuse) and put a break controller in the MJ to haul longer distances and more weight. Here’s some pictures from when I got it to present day 

First day: 





First day working on it removed passenger side bench to fit more vehicles:



Painted the wheels and power washed it, also took the curse off the dented roof:






A Couple weeks later my neighbors tarp shed uplifts and attacks the trailer in a massive wind storm:F808E176-6E6F-4371-8850-7AD0C0F9D10F.jpeg.67b87148bdc293e1a34523b7f8695d0f.jpeg






A couple weeks later I measured and found that both my 4 wheelers would fit if I made one go under the main shelf in the front: so I cut a notch for it: 8F0DCB7E-7C42-42F6-BB4A-FB5849EB0C30.jpeg.304e4ca880c0119c33995e3e91b2b0c4.jpeg





Now Today, I was sick of the Original tires that wouldn’t hold air while I was moving it in the yard on short trips, so I took some old 30x9.5 Goodyear Wranglers on, and if you were wondering, the wheels are only 5”. They don’t fit too good and I’m not a fan of how tall they are but the fact that the trailer is more mobile and looks better in the yard is worth it.(these tires are temporary until I have the MJ sorted to tow with, then I will buy real tires):









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19 hours ago, Car Enthusiast said:

Have you pulled much with it yet? I saw another pic, that you pulled another comanche with your MJ. How did it do pulling that much?

I haven’t gotten to tow it much, I only towed the box trailer home with it in the rain with no trailer brakes while unloaded. It pushed the Jeep everytime I went to stop, and I spent a lot of time using the 2-1 mode in the transmission to slow down. As for towing the Comanche behind it that was a staged photo, but it pulled it up the driveway no problem. The real limit on the MJ platform for towing is the brakes. You need a brake controller and well functioning truck brakes, and as long as you have a trans cooler for the automatic, the 4.0 has enough guts to pull it up almost anything 

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2 hours ago, Car Enthusiast said:

Yeah the 3500pd weight bums me out on these and my XJ

These are definitely good for alot more with proper brakes and such, with weight distribution hitch they are rated for 5000 lbs.

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1 minute ago, Car Enthusiast said:

Yeah I will have to test both of mine with WJ brakes and disc rears. I would like to get a long bed MJ to help with towing. If I could get one to be able to tow another MJ or XJ that would make my life much better

I’ll update this as well when My MJ is settled, it’ll have a late model xj booster, bigger dana44 drums, and eventually bigger brakes up front too, as well as trailer brakes, those do the most 

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6 minutes ago, Car Enthusiast said:

Yeah I will have to test both of mine with WJ brakes and disc rears. I would like to get a long bed MJ to help with towing. If I could get one to be able to tow another MJ or XJ that would make my life much better


technically a shortbed might be better for towing since the pivot point of the ball will be 6" closer to the rear axle. 

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LBs are overall a foot longer than SBs and that's divided into 6" longer in front of the rear axle and 6" longer behind it.  note how fullsize trucks do not have the same equal split  when going from SB to LB.  they put the entirety of the extra bed in front of the rear axle.


honestly I don't think either distance will matter more than the fact that you're towing with a 30+ year old tiny soup can.  :dunno:  meaning both wheelbases are equally good-ish.  :L: 

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