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Renix EGR delete?

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From Tip 17   

An alternative on exhaust manifolds:

As far as exhaust, you can use the Renix exhaust manifold and be fine.
If you want to use the HO exhaust manifold, you must go with an HO headpipe and screw your O2 sensor into that headpipe. Standard Renix harness is plenty long to do so.
A bung can be welded into the HO manifold to accept the EGR tube. As if you'd want to.....

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22 hours ago, Warren99 said:

Is there already a thread somewhere for doing a Renix EGR delete? I couldn't find one from the search bar. I wanna clean up my engine bay a bit and ofc make it run a bit better. 

If you just wanna eliminate the EGR, remove the tube, plug the exhaust manifold and intake manifold. Block off the EGR with a plate. Kind of a PITA. 

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