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Can I adjust the bolts on my throttle cable or do I need to buy a new one?

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My gas pedal is sunken pretty far down into the floor and I'm not sure there's any way to adjust them so there's less slack in the line. I found a replacement cable on rock auto which I linked here but it looks like there's just as much slack between the distances of the bolts. Is that much distance in the line normal?






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I put a zip tie or two behind the end where it goes through the pedal.  This moved the pedal out and really where I wanted it.

The one thing that took me a moment to get used to is not catching the throttle pedal when hitting the brake while carefully backing up to hitch up a trailer.  The higher throttle was. It was not an advantage in that one situation.

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There's different throttle pedals that are bent differently...  or they bend over time.  Not sure which it is.


I put one that was much higher in my XJ because it hit the floor otherwise at full throttle (floor isn't stock shape because doubler).

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2 hours ago, cruiser54 said:

Check under the hood and see if there's slack somewhere. Perhaps that odd shaped piece of linkage with the plastic ends? 

I checked under the hood and I think I found the cable. When pulling on the wire on the left, it didn't feel like there was slack in the line. The connection to the bracket felt a little wobbly thought. Might just have to ziptie the pedal up higher in the cab.




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