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Electrical issues after "Big 7" battery cable and ground upgrade

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I did the big 7 upgrade yesterday. Truck was running great all day today, no issues. Then I went to drive home from hunting at dusk and I had no headlights, gauge lights, b-pillar lights, or radio. I know that the b-pillar lights and radio had been working just fine all day. Heater blower motor worked and the truck ran fine, but I had to drive home in darkness.


I suspect something that was on the edge finally gave out now that my voltages are higher. I know that the dash light dimmer function of my headlight switch has not work correctly for years.


Any ideas what I should begin looking at in the morning?



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If I replace the switch before upgrading the headlight harness, how much risk am I taking that I will burn out the new switch?


I can buy the switch in town today and get back on the road, but he headlight harness I had to order online.

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Found the problem. I neglected to reinstall one of the ring terminals on the power distribution thingy.

That means my radio could not have been working earlier in the day and I was just listening via my phone (sometimes I'm too lazy to connect to the deck via BT)




Thanks for the help!

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