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Crank No Start again

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Well my jeep was running great until yesterday after school driving home about 500 feet from my house it sputtered and died. spent the next 4 hours trying to get it to run including sawing off my exhaust muffler back because 2 people at school told me some dingus shoved a rag up my tailpipe. Ended up towing it home with my buddies xj. Started fluid didnt work. Cleaned the plugs this morning because thats what was wrong the last 2 times. 

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55 minutes ago, Pete M said:

not that it's ever bad a bad thing to do a basic tune up, but before you fire the parts cannon, check for spark coming out of the coil.  :L:  do you have an inline spark tester? 




no. and I have no way of getting one atm.


is this nub supposed to be black I can't rember if it was last time I had my cap off



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no spark judging from the videos I that I took from my engine bay with 2 different sets of plugs. no spark when I put a plug in the wire from the coil to the distributor idk if thats an actual test but I thought I would try

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