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brake issues

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first off. for those of you who have an 8.8 with disks. what did you do to hook up a parking brake to the manche? i need a solution.


second. i cannot get my brakes to work. i've searched but can't find the proper bleeding procedure for the manche, which i think i remember reading about a while ago. what is it? i blead my brakes, but i'm getting no pressure in the pedal, and no movement out of my rear calipers.

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How big are the pistons in the 8.8 calipers? It's possible that the stock MJ master cylinder just can't push enough fluid to the rears to move large pistons.


Stock MJ MC is fine. My kids 90 has an 8.8 in with the stock MC.


Couple questions - is the brake light on on the instrument panel?


If so, then the pill in the booster is still shoved to one side. I find that a pressure bleeder is the best way to get all the air out of these systems.

Best $65 I ever spent - you can completely flush the lines in under 10 minutes



Also, did you bleed the fronts?

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