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Advice - Need MJ Strong Clutch Replacement

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Howdy All,

The rebuild saga of my 1987 Jeep Comanche Laredo continues. I replaced the stock rearend (had to due to damage from busted bolt inside yoke) with a brand NEW custom built Dana 44, upgraded the front gears to match, and even though the install took several weekends all went well. I took the truck out for an easy 4 wheeling test drive on a mountain road and things were going very good until I tested reverse by backing up a short but fairly steep incline about 50 yards long. As I reached the top, smoke was billowing out from the clutch, the pedal was bottomed out with no return, and shifting was non-existent. I let the truck stand and once cooled I was able to drive in 3rd gear but had only 1/2 inch of pedal at the bottom, as the pedal would still not return to the top. I limped home in 3rd gear, let it cool for a few hours and now I have all gears but a very soggy pedal and extremely slippery clutch when starting out in 1st gear.

I am looking for advice on a strong and dependable 4 wheel drive clutch system that won't break the bank as I am still recovering financially from the rear end replacement. ANy advice about this matter is greatly appreciated.



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On 10/24/2021 at 11:43 AM, Bull said:

The clutch wasn't being let out all the way while backing up. New driver was doing the driving.

Oof. New drivers can kill the best of clutches... getting a "stiffer" one will just make it harder for them to drive and teach them worse habits. 

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