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Minivan Owner Rollcall


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It was the easiest choice for me, I have two young children, our Pilot was getting cramped so last weekend I brought home the new family ride.


2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. Every single option available, factory HID headlights, 16" flip down screen, PO added airbags in the rear to help with squat when using a hitch rack with coolers, etc. 211k miles, but my Pilot has the same drivetrain with 326k and no problems.


A few days before that, I bought another van, this one to fix and flip. Unless I have a better idea.


2003 Chevy Astro

Needs some ABS work, and a new grille and lights, but for $300 running and driving, rust free, I couldn't say no.



Who else would agree with me that minivans are truly the most practical vehicle for doing most anything? Who else has vans?



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we've had a minivan in the family from '86-'17 including every iteration of caravan.  we got the durango in '17 only for the tow rating.  I do miss the infinite space that the vans have. :(  But I miss my 97 town n country the most (gave it to a friend in desperate need of wheels).  was my dd for years (like 250k when I handed it over and ran great).  I really should try to snag another one up for cheap. 




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