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Mini split for shop vs. window units


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Closing on a new place in October and will finally have a nice size shop/garage to work out of!  Was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for A/C and heat.  The shop is concrete block walls with a couple of windows and an actual attic space.  Was thinking of just going with a Mr. Cool mini split but was also looking at a couple window units.  Mini split installation shouldn't be a problem as far as wiring and plumbing, there is a sub panel in the shop.  I guess my question is, is it worth the extra money and does anyone have any experience/tips?  Thanks!

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Weighing the same options myself. I want the mini split but my shop walls are not insulated. My ceiling and doors are. So I may just do a window unit over my workbench area and have it blow towards where I'll be doing most of the work. A window unit is a lot cheaper and I'll never get the entire shop cold. Maybe just knock it below 100 degrees at 1pm in July. Either way, ain't nothing happening til next Spring.

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I actually have something to add here! I bought an LG 22,000 btu window air conditioner and it is incredible! The airflow it puts out is insane, I can feel the air from 20 feet. The best part is it that LG is the first manufacturer to make inverter technology in the window units. No more clunk on/off of the compressor. It has a variable speed DC fan motor and variable speed compressor. That means that it is way more efficient just like the split systems as it is also 220v. I was debating this split or in wall since I already had a Samsung 18k unit that was loud shook the pictures on the wall and couldn't get the room below 80 in the summer. The room is 25x25 with vaulted ceilings with a kitchen and 22 linear feet of windows.

The kicker is we used the Home Depot card and had 12 months interest free payments. So excited and incredibly impressed!!!

For $669 you can't touch a split system and no pro install required.dc7644a245bf83e93dc76d3c6ebcaa31.jpg

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