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Fuse box 90 comanche

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Anyone know off hand how the under dash fuse box connects to the rest of the wiring? ie - is there a big plug that disconnects everything from it? My kids 90 comanche has some electrical issues in the fuse panel. A lot of corrosion and the fuses all seem to be at an angle - indicating to me that something has come apart.

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yelp,, take the small little bolt out from the engine bay ( 8mm I believe) then under the dash theirs two clips/hooks keep it together. I removed the washer bottle on mine to get to it better.


I bet you the m/c has leaked and took out some of those little clips that hold the fuses in.. My truck had the craziest looking fuses in it when I started this jeep thing from the mc leaking.. Most of the fuses clips were cracked up and broken...


Had them all fixed up in no time,,,,,, Thanks again Wildman!! :cheers:

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