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Thanks man.. makes me realize how bad my fab work is.. and how bad I need a set of dimple dies ;)


I know what you mean. Some of the fab work is just incredible.


I save tons of pictures like those for ideas and to show me how a pro would do it.


A tubing bender, notcher and dimple dies would complete my shop for the most part.


Now if I could just fix my back....

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I got the bender... for a notcher I use the good old plasma and ginder.. Dimple Dies :drool:


They don't have to fix it.. just give you better drugs so you don't think it is broke :brows:


They give me good drugs but with a 4 level neck fusion and 11 degenerated discs I can get stuff done on a good day. On a bad day I live life on an alternate plane.

I'm off of work today because of my back. I have a hard time spelling and reading the screen when they are at full strength. There is always pain, when its bad the drugs make it so I don't care. I'm in a different zone.


This is why my MJ is going to be my last major build I can do.


I had to proof read and fix this post 5 times. Thank god for preview. And I still had to edit it...

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