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air shocks?

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I don't have it bookmarked, but use Google to find the Monroe catalog on-line. It'll be a PDF of the entire catalog. At the rear are two sections you need. One shows each shock absorber by length and by upper and lower mounting bracket type. Use that to find a shock with upper and lower eyes. (You can use one with cross-pins, and just knock the pins out.) Then take that stock number and cross it to see what vehicle it fits. That'll be what you're looking for.


If you're lucky, you'll find an air shock with the right length and end fittings and you can order it directly by part number, w/o even knowing what vehicle it fits.


For starters, try shocks for the rear of an XJ (Cherokee). They are slightly shorter than MJ rears. Lower mount is an eye. Upper will be a cross-pin, which can be removed.


For the front, I'm not sure but I think possibly a Wrangler TJ might be slightly shorter than an XJ/MJ front shock.

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if you look under mj projects theres a few pics of mine as of last year truck looks pretty much the same ill get some pics up when i get the new leafs in and the air shocks next week


yeah I saw it after I posted that..... Looks pretty cool. lower then I thought it would be.

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ps they don't have to be as long as a normal shocks because the truck is lowered about 4 inches

Ya know, XJ (Cherokee) rear shocks might be about right. The upper fitting is a cross-pin, but when that's removed the rubber (plastic) bushing is the correct diameter for the pin mount on an MJ. When I tried to use a set of XJ rears on a stock 2WD MJ, the shock when fully extended was 1/2-inch too short to reach the upper mounting pin when the lower was installed. So on a truck with a 4" drop I think they'd be just about right.

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I put this together awhile ago...




Disclaimer: I have not confirmed every shock on here will work. This information is based on the mounting and length chart that Monroe puts out. I have included what the stock one's are as well as extended for lifted and shortened for lowered vehicals as well. This is intended to simply be used as reference, make sure you do your own research as well prior to your purchase, as I will not be held responsible for it if they do not work.

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