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A recent post from Minuit got me thinking about this. Most times if I’m new to a forum I look at the number of posts from users to help give an idea on the feedback received. However, some posters here have posted great tech but only have a few hundred posts. Others can reach thousands of posts with “that’s cool”, “I never thought about that” and so forth. Is there anyway to rank based on the actual word count or sections where someone posts vs just a post count? For instance, tompeter is no more but had several hundred posts somehow confined to the classifieds section. Not sure how that happened since you have to have some other posts to make it into the classifieds section. Just some ideas

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3 hours ago, Pete M said:

we're pretty sure tompeter is a bot of some kind.  just the friendly kind?


the ranks are what they are.  I don't have a lot of choice in that regard. :dunno:

Yeah I noticed all his posts were gone from the classifieds. Figure one of the mods may have removed them. The ranks all make sense it just seems odd that it’s based off of posts in any section of the forum (classifieds, pub etc) vs the mods/tech and build sections if that makes any sense. I suppose it all works out in the end. 

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