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I bought this Comanche new in May of 1989 and she is still on the road

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This Comanche has been a great truck for all its 170K miles. It has hauled hundreds of tons of rocks, gravel, and firewood up and down our property for 31 years. For years it would carry a yard of gravel at a time and I shoveled it out on my driveway. I would also load it with lava rock over the side rails without any problems.  In 1995 or so we bought a Jayco pop-up truck camper and used it to travel every back road of California, Oregon, and Washington, and even drove it all the way down to the tip of Baja. This winter I am finally giving her a bit of time and effort. So far just changed the oil, wires and plugs, fuel filter and air filter. I will be taking out the old half-working parking brake and putting in one that I got off of Ebay this week, and I will also be replacing the ignition key. Everything else works fine, though the BA10/5 does not shift as smoothly as it once did, so I might try switching to a lighter transmission fluid as I heard some people claim they got good results after dumping the standard 75-90 oil.  I am also thinking of putting in new shocks, never changed them, and there is a new noise after switching out the OEM 225 75r 15 with 235 75r 15s, which do not rub but might have made the shocks top out or something  (as you can tell, my mechanical knowledge is both shallow and thin). Anyway, the Comanche has always been part of our home, our work, and our play, and I want to keep her looking good and on the road.






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