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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/485411511540738/permalink/3772505299497993/?sale_post_id=3772505299497993
  2. 87MJTIM, Thanks for passing along the tip and how to fix. I will give it a try this weekend.
  3. I have a 1989 MJ with a very, very dim clock. The buttons advance the hours and minutes, and the clock changes time as it should, but I can only see it in absolute darkness. Can I fix it by putting in a new bulb? If so, someone on here said it required a #74 bulb, but when I look that up I get either a very tiny LED or a quite large LED, and I doubt if they both fit. If I can get a #74 is that my best and brightest option? Thanks
  4. BeatCJ, No, I got rid of the Jayco pop-up camper years ago when I bought a VW Westfalia camper. The VW camper soon proved to be too small for my wife and two Golden Retrievers, so I got rid of it and bought a new F150 and an Artic Fox trailer. After 1 year of towing the trailer I sold both the truck and trailer at a fantastic loss, and I started to wish I had the Jayco Pop-up truck camper back. The Comanche with a slide-in camper was unstoppable, and we used it to camp on the most remote BLM, and we once drove 10 hours on old dirt roads to reach the ocean (which required moving ro
  5. I purchased my 1989 Jeep Comanche (1J7GJ36L2KL536008) long bed with the Big Ton package in May of 1989. For years my wife and I used it to haul our Jayco Pop-up camper around the Pacific Northwest, up into Canada, and down into Mexico. When I attended the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, I used the truck to carry the generator, a couple hundred gallons of water, and a zillion other things for our entire camp. Today I use the truck to mostly harvest firewood from our property, haul a yard of gravel at a time to fix the driveway, and carry lava rock for rock wall building. The truck has never fa
  6. This Comanche has been a great truck for all its 170K miles. It has hauled hundreds of tons of rocks, gravel, and firewood up and down our property for 31 years. For years it would carry a yard of gravel at a time and I shoveled it out on my driveway. I would also load it with lava rock over the side rails without any problems. In 1995 or so we bought a Jayco pop-up truck camper and used it to travel every back road of California, Oregon, and Washington, and even drove it all the way down to the tip of Baja. This winter I am finally giving her a bit of time and effort. So far just changed the
  7. The truck was made in February of 1989, and I bought it in May of 1989. It has a bit over 170k on the odometer, and it has only failed to start one time--an eight year old battery just up and died. It is the long bed, bright white color, long ton with the window sticker. I know it has the Dana 44 on the rear, but not at all sure what is up front. Except for infrequent oil changes, it has received little attention until now, though it has almost always been garaged. I normally spend winters in Mexico fishing, but this year I am staying home in Northern California and working around the house to
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