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MJ engine Swap

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Hello I am looking for some help on and engine swap for my MJ. I have a 88 comanche with a 2.5l. I got a really good deal on a 4.0 motor + trans, transfer case, and computer from a 2000 XJ. my plan is to find a donor 2000 XJ for the dash, front clip and wiring. Basically make it a 2000 XJ with a comanch body. I want to know if my plan would work or not? any suggestions? 


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12 minutes ago, omega_rugal said:

2000? make sure you don't get the 0331 head, or at least get one that already has changed it for a TUPY one

I'm not sure what it has yet but what is the problems with the 0331 head


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Yeah do searches for 97+ swaps.  There are plenty of threads here (mine in my sig) and most of us who have done it will be willing to answer specific questions for you.  It's a pretty straightforward swap with little fabrication.


As stated, check that head.

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