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camber adjustment options

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i just bought new tires for my 89 mj and wanted to set the camber before i started driving on them. my tires essentially look like this \ \ / / and are wearing very unevenly i am aware offset balljoints are available but at $100 bucks a pop id rather not go that route, on napas web site they list the cams that you place in the spindle before the balljoint and u can rotate to spec but is it possible to use these if they werent factory? what does everyone else do? just looking for ideas



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Not sure about the cams but if your camber is that bad, I would consider just pulling a non-disco D30 from a XJ with all the steering elements. JY down here, it would cost about $100. You would solve your camber and get an upgraded axle.


Just my .02



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Putting a lift on cannot change the camber. The camber is built into the axle and does not know how far the body sits above the axle.


I know about the offset ball joints. Never heard of "cams" for XJ/MJ ball joints, and having changed a few I cannot understand how or where any "cam" could be installed. If your camber is really out of spec and you don't want to use the offset ball joints, then I would second the suggestion to buy a different front axle assembly.

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When i first done the instal of my front axle and control arms i didnt get the adjustment right. For about a week I noticed that the Top of the tires were in more then the bottom. After i reajusted the axle they sit perfect. All it took was the control arms being adjusted. This may be alittle of your problem but it is free to check if you think it could be an issue. Just another idea but i may be way off.



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Adjusting the control arms adjusts the CASTER. Or front to back movement of the wheel.


CAMBER on the otherhand, is not adjustable on a solid axle vehicle. (Accept with the afore mentioned offsett ball joints.)



Here is what a quick search turned up on the subject: http://www.ozebiz.com.au/racetech/theory/align.html




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