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encountered a new item.


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provided I have transportation for it on saturday, I'm picking this up from a junkyard around here.


it's rust free, the box has all of 3 dents in it, rockers and cab are solid.


the doors are shot, fenders are shot, front clip is shot, bumpers are shot, and it's a 4 cyl 2wd.


anyways, I can't beat the price...for the condition. this will be stripped, and everything but the frame, cab, and box will be tossed. complete resto of the body, and then we gut my dad's 86 renault diesel and drop all the parts from it in this body. ta-da. new jeep. even a brand new renault diesel engine (yay finding good deals) will be installed.


whatcha think?


this is a gift to my dad...who is sure to chime in about spending my money wisely yada-yada but he helped me build the 3800 and has dealt with all my crap, it's time he starts driving a nice restored vehicle too.

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