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modified LWB pics pls

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Hope this is the right spot, I'm not used to forums yet. If not let me know. Also if there are any other threads asking the same thing please redirect me.


I'm looking for pictures of lwb mj's, I'm trying to picture mine where i want it eventually but no one really lifts or does much with the longer trucks.


Here is mine, except i have aluminum wheels now. i allready have a 4.5 inch lift and 32s in the garage ready to go on after i fix a fuel pump. this setup is temporary until i find the right setup which i hope this thread will help me find




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3 minutes ago, scguy said:

It's far from done, but here's my LWB with 4.5" lift and 32s. 883c9e590fea65857026c30f808179fb.jpg

looks sweet! can't wait until mine is sitting like that. ill probably end up taller in the future but something like this isn't a bad start! What brand lift is that?

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Yeah, nobody does stuff with long beds ;)

In all seriousness though, most people who lift their trucks like swb for good reason. It has better break over angle and departure angle for wheeling, better turning radius for daily driving...I just like as much bed space as I can get for hauling things on occasion.

Give me a few months and I'll have a full width look too.5e61bc64294f2fa2396523f6274babf7.jpgdfca6fda85dddf905fdd49d9e1cd5dff.jpg93625c99df0f360247f90196d4a228f6.jpg

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