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NP242 tcase rebuild kits, chains, inputs

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I want to freshen up the NP242 I have sitting on the shelf.  Application was 1987 XJ.


It seems you can't easily get an OEM NVG chain from them anymore, but the Mopar number is still active and $300 USD online.  Ehhh...  Maybe I missed where I can get one.


Is Cloyes any good?  They're available and inexpensive.  P/N appears to be 10028 if anyone could verify.


For a rebuild kit it looks like the easiest one I can get is the SKF STCK242.  Any reason not to?


Last question is I have a 23 spline input from a 94 Dodge NP241DLD that I want to use in it.  As far as I know it should interchange into the 242, the gear pitch is correct and I think they're the same bearing.  Any idea if it isn't?  I'm aware the input length is wrong for most things, but I'm bolting it to a TJ NV3550 so it will work.

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I have an AlloyUSA chain with omix-ada glides and filter pickup in my 231 and its still working for my DD XJ.  I've used 4x4 quite a lot since too.  


That deal Limeyjeeper offered is pretty good.  I paid $80 for just the chain.

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10 hours ago, Limeyjeeper said:

If you need a 242 rebuild kit. I have a spare one I got from Novak. Great quality includes a chain. Happy to let it go for $100 plus shipping.


What brand of bearings are in their kit?


I'm in Canada so you'd have to deal with international shipping.  Not sure if you want to do that.

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