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Rebuilding the Door Checks

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My doors do not stay open and they are always hitting me in the back while loading groceries, or the munchkin. I have been putting off fixing this for a long time, because I did not want to take the door apart again and I was worried about it not working. I went to the local LKQ some time back and bought 2 door checks. I got them off a 94 four door XJ. I hoped that I could rebuild mine using the mechanisms off the Jeep. I grabbed the two rear checks, because 1 they looked the same as the fronts. And 2 I thought the would be in better condition do to how little they get used compared to the front door checks ->


I started by takin off the two 10mm nuts on the bolts coming through the door. The mechanism inside will now be able to be removed as soon as the pin is remove on the body side of the check arm.Got the pins out of the doors with a mallet->



I was trying to figure out the way to get the arms in and out of the assembly. I unfortunately spent a long time trying to line up roll pin with the arm and spacer :dunce:. The light came on and it took me not much more than a minute to get 4 door arms out and the 2 door arms in. A teachable moment - grab the bracket with a vice grip and use a screwdriver to open up the assembly ->



The arms on the 4 door arms are longer and have only one stop position; the 2 door has two stops on the arm ->


You can see the difference here (2 door top) ->


Completed ->

All I had to do now was grease the assemblies up ->


Got them installed last night and am kicking myself for not doing this sooner. Slipped them in through the speaker hole and bolted them down the nuts with the 10mm socket. Got the arm pin in with a really long Phillips screwdriver and a hammer just lightly tapping it in. So the rebuild works and it is super easy to do. Good Idea for the MJ too. It works perfectly   :beerbang: now, but It’s hard not to flinch like a battered wife anticipating  the door to come smashing back into me after swinging it open. It does make some noise, but once the grease gets all worked in I expect it to be quieter. 


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On 3/6/2020 at 8:50 PM, Minuit said:

I'll add that the 97+ door checks are of a much improved design. They have a rubber damper at the end of the door travel to prevent the door from slamming hard into the hinge stops.

I will have to check those out :L:

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