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Glasstite Cap

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I am Trying to get to the Next Step of My Project.

Need to find out about the Glasstite Cap.

Have most of 10" Long Arm Lift. After that comes 35 or 37 Donuts on a Widened Stock 6 Spoke Wheel, Chrome Center Caps.

Still have Lund Visor, Bug Shield, Fog/Driving Lights (Replaced Bulbs with 130W), 2nd set Driving lights, Door Vent Windows,  and a few other parts to get back on.

Getting the replacement Bed Sides from Z&M Jeeps LTD. And see where to get the Steel Wheel Well for the Bed.


Have Done: 5" Lift on the Front, SOA to the Rear, made new Lower Shock Mounting Plates for the Rear.

Bucket Seats, Headlight Rewire (added a Relayed Harness), added lights inside (cab & bed),  and a bunch of removing the butcher work from p.o.


pics were about 5 years ago.

My Comanche.jpg

My Comanche.jpg

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Have a Spring Shop locally, For the Rear, will add the arch to the Spring Pak, and a Block. 

From what I have calculated, Should be an Arch adding about 2 inches, and a 1 inch Block. Or may go with a longer Shackle. Have to talk to the Shop.

Have Most of the Rusty's parts for the Front. 

Need Shocks, Brake Lines, and Spacers yet.

Want to get 35 or 37 x 15 Tires.

But I want to get a Glasstite Cap More.

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