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Comanche Crew-Cab Revisited


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I know the Crew-Cab thread is kinda old, but I'm kinda new here and thought i'd give it a shot. Hope you like it.



You can also visit my MJ-L Showroom (Photobucket gallery), where you can pick your color (5 so far, maybe more later), Cab size, Box size, and Trim package. (X, Limited, Rubicon)



plus my other gallery so far

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I think the long hood is just the camera position. I took it strait from the original Comanche Crew photo. Didn't lengthen it. But you're right, it does look kinda long. Maybe you could put a Hemi or something in there. Of course, it is a JEEP, so if it came from the factory, rest assured they went to great lenghts to find the weakest possible engine they could. Hell, with Jeep's track record lately, you'd be lucky if the Jeep even came with 4WD.

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