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34 minutes ago, Fernando87mj said:

one thing I absolutely love about older jeeps is that you can bolt on parts from better jeeps.



amen!  :D 

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Haven’t done much to it , I replaced the two piece sunroof trim with a one piece rubber piece from a newer wj from the junkyard 

old two piece trim B131A4A3-68A2-4A4E-BBF6-75DB488F61B7.jpeg.94ee8157beb26c67537446fecb437a60.jpeg


Then this is the newer style one piece seal 

8AE84B26-FCBD-41D5-8EDC-A222D8CA63BE.jpeg.50b9235bb87fbff972173e8b93e25310.jpegI also replaced the special quadradrive transfer case fluid. The fluid was really dark and dirty , I’m not sure if it was ever changed before me 






Since I had bought the Jeep , one thing that bothered me was the way the door panels fit,. I ordered some new clips from eBay and all is good now :banana:




04BA224D-FDAD-40D0-9F5A-C1D37C60E012.jpeg.4c49180cad9b0516ed52bf92a133d52a.jpeglast thing I did was also replaced the stretched throttle cable that had been bugging me. Luckily I scored this mopar cable for 20$ 



no picture of the new cable Installed but you get je pic:holdwrench:ture 

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Now what I have to do now, 

i still need to: 

-address the rear pinion seal seepage (sigh) 

-Fix the leaking trans cooler hose (easy) 

- Check if it’s the weep hole that’s leaking from the water pump, or if it’s just the lower radiator hose that’s seeping 

-unclog the hvac drain tube 

         I just detailer her yesterday , and man , it cleans up really good , had to wax that nice blue finish. 






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On ‎5‎/‎6‎/‎2019 at 3:37 PM, 89 MJ said:

That looks factory. I like it. 


Have a parts list for the radio and adapters?

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