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1988 Comanche pioneer 4x4

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Picked up this gem off craigslist. Original owner had passed away and his son inherited it. 81k miles on it, most everything original aside from the stock rear slider being replaced (at least I think it has been, doesnt look stock to me). Followed everyone's recommended first step and that was to pull up the carpet. Suprisingly zero rust! The paint under there looks gorgeous! I shampooed the carpet and bench seat and pulled the stock radio to send to Jeremy in TN for repairs.  This truck will be garaged its whole life, but I do live in Washington where there is snow and rain. 


I have no idea how to work on cars and have very few tools, but I am looking for a new hobby to learn. I am a physician, so thats kind of the same thing right? All recommendations and advice is warmly welcomed! Here are some photos from the original ad on craigslist and some from my first endeavors.



Paint job, someday

2" budget boost, maybe with 31s (they are 215/75/15 now but brand new tires)

Aux cable into the stock radio (thanks Jeremy!)

somehow restore the fading black plastic

Needs a new female part of driver's seatbelt (doesnt click shut)

headliner is falling, jerry rigged with some plastic pieces, works for now!

Keep it straight and good looking for years to come. 1956946529_IMG_rightside.JPG.589ea7f4dc065f8d324177fabc334d29.jpg.0a5f12adf2a6ab99efe843ae61ef7bb6.jpg












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old trucks are a great way to quickly expand your tool collection :D  

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2 minutes ago, mooseinabox said:

You lucky guy. That body looks mint.

*gal. :beerchug: Cheers!

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