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  1. That looks so good! That's exactly how I want my truck to look except in red. What gear ratio do you have? It looks really level for only being lifted in the front.
  2. Maybe he could ship it. I can send you the ad on facebook or message him for you if you don't have one.
  3. Are you close to Washington, NC? I looked on facebook in NC for you and saw a listing with the adapters and cartridges for $250.
  4. Finally updated! I've always hated the reverse rake this truck had, but didn't do anything about it until now. I picked up some Rubicon Express 1.75" coil spacers from Summit hoping to level everything out. Swaybar disconnected, shocks disconnected, and spring compressed. The compressor on the left decided it didn't want to stay in place anymore and I almost lost a hand. I was able to carefully remove the other one, then loosen that one until it popped back on the coil. Then I had to put them both back on and compress the spring again since it fell out of place when the compressor moved. NOT FUN. It's pretty level now. Not sure if I'm content though. So I'm at a crossroad with the little truck and I'm having trouble deciding which way to go. Here's my options, and if you have any input, please comment! - 1.75" coil spacer (current), 30x9.5, stock 3.07 gearing - 1.75" spacer, 31x10.5, WJ arms, change axles with different gearing - either 3.55 or 3.73 - 2" lift, 30x9.5, stock gearing - 3" lift, 31x10.5, WJ arms, regear My biggest issue is I feel like the upgrades are going to snowball. Also, I don't know anything about lifts and in researching I've found everyone has their own opinion about brands, what you need or don't need with certain heights, gearing, and axle choices. I wish I could find a nice Comanche D44 so at least my axle would've came out of a MJ originally, but I know those are slim pickings. Oh well, no rush to decide I guess. It's hard for me to find the line between keeping this truck original like I always planned, and doing upgrades to improve upon stock both mechanically and aesthetically. I will never cut fenders or go with a massive lift, but I think a couple inches higher and a bit wider of a tire would look really good. If I didn't have to regear, this would be a no brainer, but changing axles was not something I ever wanted to do.
  5. So at my old shop we had this customer with a Wrangler. 2004 Rocky Mountain Edition with like 25k miles. 4.0 5 speed, absolute gem. Well, it had these super nice bullet holes wheels that I absolutely loved. I looked closer and they were Alcoas. I looked even closer when I was doing the tires and saw Chrysler part numbers. Come to find out these are factory wheels for that edition, and from that point forward that was the wheel I NEEDED for my truck. I searched high and low for a while and no dice. Kind of gave up and ended up with the Ravines, but every now and I'd do a quick search to try to find them. Well, fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I was on Davey's website (daveysjeeps) doing my daily search for cool trucks, when I see a YJ with a full set of those coveted Alcoas! I messaged him asking if was interested in selling them separate, knowing full well his answer was going to be no. Well guess what, he said no. No surprise, but the point is moments after I go on facebook and search "5x4.5" within 100 miles. I scroll and scroll and scroll and I see an ad for 5x4.5 wheels with just this one picture posted like 10 hours prior. I message him asking trying to get some details and he said they're aftermarket wheels for sure. I bug him enough to go get some pics of the inside barrel, and I see the little Chrysler logo. Another picture I squeezed out out of him. Everything checked out, and the price was right. I knew I had to be fast, so right when I got off work I drove 100 miles each way to get my dream wheels. Unfortunately, they weren't "like new" like he described. Two wheels have some curb rash on them. Oh well, I'm still happy. Back home with the new shoes. Bolted up for a test fit. They have identical specs to my current Ravines, which makes sense since you could also get Ravines on the Rocky Mountain Edition. So my spare tire is 30x9.5, which is the size I'm considering switching to. Well, that or 31x10.5. I put my spare tire on one of the Alcoas to see how the whole package would look. I don't know about you guys, but that wheel looks so good on that truck. WOW! I put them back in the boxes for now until I get them restored and pick a tire size.
  6. Passenger side time! Now remember, when I bought the truck and looked underneath, the driver had a few pinholes and the passenger side was spotless. When I first pulled the carpet, I couldn't really find any rot on the passenger side. Boy was I in for a surprise. Ground down and marked out. Technically after I cut this out, my truck was rust free truck. Panels cut out and set down. These ones are 16 gauge because that's what Lowes had in stock. Middle piece went in first. All welded in. As far as the rust goes, I'm at a bit of a stand still for the next few weeks. My coworker has to fill in at another shop until a new hire is made. I still need to grind down the welds, get the upper rails sandblasted, weld them back in, and coat the floors. I still haven't decided what products to go with, but now I have a few weeks to decide. I know my top coat will be lizardskin, at least, along with the rest of the interior getting that treatment. One thing I'm a little concerned with is how I'm going to sandwich the floor nicely between the two frame rails like the factory did it. I have a bit of a gap between the floor and the lower rail, and looking at pictures, they're supposed to be touching. I guess I'll try to get them as close as possible when the top rail is welded on, and then seam seal any gaps. I kind of overlooked that issue and I'm a little disappointed it's not going to be perfect.
  7. Starting to get close to being fully updated! Hopefully I will stay on top of it from now on. Late January 2020 Every time I looked at the truck in the garage, I thought about the floor rust and how I really needed to address it soon. We got a couple hard rains that washed away the salt and I decided to take it out and bring it to my work to try to get it all fixed up before spring. My company opened a new location very close to my new house and this shop has a ton more storage. Most days I keep the truck in my bay, but when we're busy she gets to hang out in the warehouse. Rust time!!!!!! Started with the driver side. I finally grew some sense and popped off the upper frame rails. Spot welds can kiss my butt. I was really surprised when I saw how rotted out it was under the caps. Pan from Keyparts. 18 guage, decent fitment. Welded in. My coworker used to weld for a living so I handed the welder to him. I'm not gonna learn to weld on my floor pans.
  8. After finishing up the harness I didn't do much to the truck except drive it! Since I moved my commute temporarily changed to almost 40 minutes each way. Most days I drove the truck and she did just fine. November 2019 No salt for my southern gem. I got some dollies from harbor freight so I could push the truck sideways in the garage. With this setup I am able to get all my toys stored and still have two spots left for the daily drivers.
  9. Thank you! As bad as the job was, it was so satisfying when it started up and everything finally worked properly.
  10. Early September 2019 New headlights! Less than $9 each at Walmart. I also added finally the headlight harness relay so my truck doesn't burn down. I recommend replacing the inline fuse if you get the one on eBay. It melted on me after a month or so and my lights suddenly went out when it was dark out. Late September 2019 Moving day for the Comanche and me! Bought my first house and it came with a hell of a garage. I've never had a garage before. It took several trips but I moved everything with just my little truck.
  11. August 2019 - This was a big month for my truck. So earlier in the thread you may have seen the pictures of my fuse box and my complaints of electrical issues. Like a lot of manual trucks, my clutch master was leaking on the box and destroyed it. I had issues with the wipers, tail lights, radio, cluster lights, and probably a couple other things. Well, I finally bit the bullet and soldered in a new box. It was a very time consuming, nerve-wracking, tedious, and difficult job. Definitely the scariest and most difficult job I've done on any vehicle to date. To pull this off I bought a full, uncut interior harness for a very good price from an automatic Renix Cherokee. It was untouched minus the radio harness but that section was far from the box. I spent one or two full nights prepping both harnesses before cutting anything. There were lots of instances where two and even three wires were the same color so I needed to label each and every one to keep track. Even though I spent hours doing I still missed a few sets and had to spend hours afterwards trying to figure out which one went where. I had zero soldering experience before this by the way. Old box - You can see how many pins are damaged. Labeling while the old box is still in. "Int" stood for interior side, or a wire that was connected to box side. "Eng" stood for engine side, or wires that connected to the firewall plug. New box and harness after cutting and separating. I used this cool tool from Matco to keep the two wires together while I soldered them. I used a few old brake rotors boxes for a stand. Soldering done. Nicely taped up. Look how nice those terminals are. Like nothing ever happened. Everything works perfectly now. Hopefully I never have to mess with that dumb box again!
  12. Ohhh that sounds awesome! I might have to change that out.
  13. Nice to see when people recognize the R. I’m probably selling it this spring though. Too nice and expensive of a car for me.
  14. I ripped that buzzer out of mine so quickly. Cool truck! I would’ve loved to have one at a young age.
  15. Still July 2019 - When I took the exhaust off to replace the rear main, I decided to just go ahead and replace the whole thing minus the manifold. Every part was made by Walker exhaust and fit really well. I was really impressed with the fitment and spent less than $200 including a new cat! I may end up replacing the muffler for something a little rumbly down the road. Booty pics 70mph down the turnpike driving straight as an arrow, nice and smooth. I'm tired so I'll have to keep updating tomorrow or Saturday. Stay tuned!
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