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  1. Cool thanks for the info. I had no idea
  2. Thanks but I need Renix.
  3. It seems okay. I'd love any info as I'm not really having luck with finding a box. Thank you!
  4. Desperately need a clean Renix era box with wire to splice for my MJ. I can only hillbilly so many wires before the truck burns down. Located in Northeast Ohio Update: Got one!!
  5. So if you have an '88, you need a cluster out of an '87-'90 MJ or XJ. Installation can be tricky for the first time, but manageable. You first need to remove the plastic dash trim held in by numerous philips screws. Then, remove the screws for the cluster. The hardest part is removing the cluster because the speedometer cable will keep you from pulling it out far enough to get everything unhooked. What I did was unscrew the speedo cable from the transfer case, then loosen the bracket that's under the truck about halfway between the tcase and the firewall. Once you get the cable loose you can push it through the firewall giving you enough slack to get the cluster plugs and speedo cable undone. The cable will either have a push clip, or two ends to squeeze. Another thing to note is you will need a different coolant temp sender, located on the back right of the head if you're looking at the engine from the front, and a different oil pressure sensor, located on top of the oil filter housing. These will allow your cluster to read out temperature and oil pressure. Careful removing the temp sender if the motor is hot, as it will shoot coolant out. Make a thread if you end up getting it!
  6. The truck came home this week!! I've already put on almost 150 miles and the truck has absolutely exceeded my expectations. I took it on backroads, highways, daytime, nighttime, rain and shine. 65-70mph, smooth as silk. I could not be happier. It's a dream come true. Pretty early in this thread, I'm sure I mentioned the fuel gauge not working. Well, now that I've put on a few miles, I realize that it was just really really full. So relieved that not only it works properly, but that I didn't pull out the sending unit and attempt to fix it. Considering the gauge was so past full, I'm wondering if it's also really inaccurate and 1/4 will be empty. I guess we'll find out! I still have plenty of small things to wrap up - - No gauge cluster lights - No dome lights - No radio - Passenger side bulb socket - Sometimes brake lights don't work (have to wiggle some fuses to get them working) - Install window rubber kit - Clean up grounds - Fab up new exhaust - Refinish all 5 alloy wheels (2 done) I've made some progress on the wheels put it is a pain in the butt getting these shined up. Basically I'm just polishing the outside lips. The process is really time consuming though. I have to carefully sand down the lips with my die grinder and an abrasive pad, then sand with 320, 500, 1000, 1200, and 2000 sand paper. After, hit it with some metal polish. The results are really nice at least.
  7. We have identical trucks minus 2WD vs 4WD, tilt column (very jealous), and fogs, but I'm sure you already knew that! Looking forward to seeing the progress!
  8. I was going to consider getting that if my problem persisted.
  9. The right tools can make anyone look like an expert. I'm a glorified tire tech.
  10. Finished 1/2 of the jobs on my most recent list between last night and tonight! At this point I would feel comfortable driving the truck home. About time! On Friday I replaced the thermostat and flushed the whole system with probably 20 gallons of water. First I pushed water from the lower hose to the upper hose to reverse flush the radiator, then I pushed water from the upper radiator connection to the upper hose to get water through the block and all hoses as well. You can see I drilled a hole in thermostat to help with air in the system. At the end of all this it was still overheating, but I called it a night knowing I'd have more time today to mess with it. Today I started by getting the rear end up and bleeding through the temp sender again. I got a ton of air out so that was slightly promising. I ran the truck a little more with the cap off, defrost on high, and the rear end still up until the temp got a little over 100. I bled it one more time and then brought it back to level with the defrost still on. Next, I used an infrared thermometer to find any possible hot spots or areas where maybe coolant wasn't flowing. The temp seemed okay, so I decided to drive it around a bit to see what would happen. To my surprise, the temp stayed below 210 the entire time, and when I got back and let it idle, it never got above 210. I checked temps everywhere with the thermometer and everything was in the normal and safe range. Next set of projects was flush & fills. I started with the power steering fluid. I used my brake fluid vacuum bleeder to suck all the fluid out, then replaced with the fresh stuff. Next I started the truck and went lock to lock 16 times. I ended up sucking the fluid out again, adding, and bleeding 2 more times before I was satisfied. Rear diff next. 75W-90 synthetic. Front diff and transmission got the same treatment. I took the lazy way out and didn't take off the covers. I'll do it next season. Transfer case got dexron VI ATF. I believe dexron 2 is the recommended, but I don't think you can even buy that anymore, and I had the VI in stock already. I decided it was time to do one last drain and fill since the system seemed to be okay now. I pulled off the lower hose to get the majority of the coolant out, then lifted the rear end back up to help drain the block. I added some fancy Shell extended life red coolant I had on the shelf. I left the rear end in the air throughout the filling process, as that seems to really be the secret to keeping air out. Took it for another drive and everything felt great, and the temps stayed down. I'll top off the bottle on Monday with everything nice and cold. Very successful weekend!
  11. I don't have any pictures, but last week I replaced my blower motor resistor. I now have a fully working hvac system, and it didn't even cost me $10 to fix. Maybe I'll replace the freon with 134 later in the spring or summer. Also last week, and also no pictures (oops), I replaced the clutch master cylinder finally. The one old was leaking, and the pedal was squishy with little to no "snap." Unfortunately, I had to drill out the cotter pin since both ends broke on me, and the bushing and washer got destroyed as well. I need to source a new kit to fix the massive amount of play. Once I got the master in, I thoroughly bled through the slave cylinder. A ton of nasty fluid came out, but once we got to the fresh stuff, the pedal felt worlds better. Nice and snappy! Yesterday I overhauled the brake system. Before replacing any components, I sucked out all the old fluid, replaced with fresh fluid, and vacuum bled the whole system with an entire bottle of fluid. I didn't want any of the nasty fluid getting into my fresh hoses and calipers, so it was definitely time well spent. Next I replaced the rear rubber hose. Before picture of the front brakes: After: You can see the new hose in the first picture as well. The old ones were cracked and the rubber was pretty stiff, so this was a no brainer to replace. The rotors, calipers, and hoses are duralast brand, and the pads are carquest golds. My wholesale cost was $150 for calipers, rotors, pads, and all 3 hoses which is pretty awesome. I'm sure the white box rotors will get some rust on the hubs, but I'm really happy with all the other parts. I bled the whole system again and adjusted the rear drums and the results are fantastic. Pedal is massively better, and stopping power is good for an old truck. Last night I also picked up some new wheels! 15x8 Wrangler "Ravine" wheels. These were exactly the wheels I was looking for. They are in poor to fair condition, but I got all 5, a never used spare tire, 2 solid tires I can resell, and all 5 center caps for $140. I'm excited to not only have some alloy wheels, but I now have a full size matching spare, and none of them are bent like one of my stock steel wheels. I will probably end up getting them sandblasted, then painting and clearing them myself. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I still have a few more projects to tackle before I'm comfortable driving the truck home: - Address overheating issue. I have a thermostat waiting to put in, and after that I will bleed the system and go from there. - Rear diff flush/fill, transfer case flush/fill, transmission flush/fill, front diff flush, fill. Only a couple hour job with my nice diff machine at work. - Power steering fluid exchange. - Cruiser54's tips. Still have some electrical issues, so I'm going to refresh all the grounds and diagnose from there. - Replace door and window seals. I got a whole kit, so hopefully the job isn't too much of a pain. - Loose ends. I'm sure I'll find some more little things to do.
  12. I got a used wiper circuit breaker, and the plug for it to splice in, hoping to fix my lack of wipers. Got it all together and they work perfectly! Intermittent, low, and high are all working well. I'm going to pull the rain tray, inspect the motor, and see if I can lube the linkage at all. In the bottom picture, you can see the aftermarket turn signal relay with one plug going into the proper location, and the other going into a terminal in the fuse box. When I plug in a factory relay, I have no turn signals. Yet another electrical item to diagnose. The truck has been sitting outside in the rain the last few days. Unfortunately, when I pulled it into the shop, the carpet was completely soaked. Driver footwell, passenger footwell, and behind the seat. Not even sure where to start. Last week I mentioned overheating. I dove a little deeper into it now that I have the proper temp sender for my gauge cluster. It's for sure overheating, but I got some good advice and I'm going to try bleeding the system before I go out and replace the radiator and thermostat. I have a feeling it's going to need replacing, but at least I can say I tried I'm definitely slowing down on progress and motivation. I just want to drive my truck. I guess you don't get to enjoy these old trucks without putting the work in first.
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