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  1. Got a valve cover gasket on today. I used the blue rubber fel-pro one. I ended up draining the coolant and replacing the two heater hoses at the same time since it's easier to get the cover off with those hoses out of the way. I forgot to take a picture but the old coolant was NASTY. I still need to do a proper flush but for now it's okay. I noticed while getting it up to temp that the heater hoses were incredibly hot and with the cap on the bottle the coolant was not recirculating at all. I need to do a lot more diagnosing but I think at this point if I tried to drive the truck around it would overheat.
  2. I need the breaker itself, and the plug with some wire to splice in. Mine is beyond repair and I have no yards around me with Renix parts. Also looking for the hazard relay to get rid of the aftermarket fix I have now
  3. Still need to buy the coolant and oil pressure sensors/senders/switches whatever you call them but at least the tach works. Still no fuel gauge so the sending unit is definitely toast. Oh well.
  4. This truck is an absolute dream to work on. Every nut and bolt came loose with ease. I was able to do the track bar, steering stabilizer, all 4 shocks, and an alignment in under 2 hours. When I loosened the drag link during the alignment I was able to adjust it by hand. Blew my mind. While I still have more jobs to do, I was able to take the truck for its first drive in 16 years. It feels incredibly solid. I was beyond impressed. Hopefully I can finish everything up this week and weekend so I can start driving it consistently next week.
  5. Thank you for looking but I'm going to hold out for an exact match!
  6. Does it have the black stripe as well? Sounds fair as long as shipping isn't too killer.
  7. You're kidding. No wonder my wipers don't work.
  8. Looking for just one wheel to replace my wobbly one! No center cap needed.
  9. I'm definitely going to look into carpet eventually. For now just some mats. You're right though, the interior is great. Nothing horribly ripped, dash isn't cracked, and no pointless holes drilled. _______ Did some electrical repairs today. Fixed my injector harness properly with solder and heat shrink, and just did added liquid insulation to a couple wires with copper exposed. The fuse box turned out to be not as bad as I thought so currently it's just soaking in a spray (can't remember the name) to help remove all the oxidation. I'll replace all the fuses tomorrow and see what happens. I would like to get an OEM hazard relay to replace the one I have, and address the rusty relay at the bottom (chime module?). If it's just for the door buzzer then it works fine but I honestly don't know.
  10. Definitely my weakest automotive trait. My coworker is old school and a real electrical genius, so hopefully I can bribe him for help.
  11. Wow that fuse block looked nasty! Seeing that put doing a deep clean of the block on my truck on the high priority list. How has the clutch master cylinder been holding up?
  12. I also changed the oil with some classic 10w-30. I should've taken a picture of the oil that came out because it was OLD looking. At least 15 years since it was last changed. Decided to stay organized and made a list of everything I need to do to the truck to feel comfortable consistently driving it. Some things aren't quite as important but I still wanted to note it. I started underneath the truck and went back to front. The exhaust has some hillbilly repairs on it, and the cat sounds all broken inside so I guess I'll be replacing it. Probably just stick with an OE replacement. The shocks are original and the right side on the rear is leaking. The steering shock is leaking very badly, and the balljoint on my track bar is moving, so I'll need to take care of that before I align it. Next I thoroughly looked under the hood. One of the first things I found wrong with the truck was that the blower motor didn't work. I assumed it was because of the fuse box, or because the motor was broken. I unplugged the motor and got some readings with a multimeter. Strangely enough, when I plugged it back in, the motor kicked in and the fan worked great! I noticed some wiring repairs on the motor side harness, so I'll have to pull back the tape and see what's up. Just for fun I decided to switch over to a/c, and shockingly the compressor kicked in properly and the a/c fan came on as well. Amazing. I wasn't surprised to see the valve cover gasket a little wet. Easy fix. Fingers crossed, only leak I've noticed. Unfortunately I noticed one of the injector plug harnesses was poorly spliced in, with copper being exposed. I don't want that to start shorting if it gets wet under there. Wipers don't wipe, but the squirters do. Yet another electrical issue.
  13. First big change to the truck! Put on some new tires to replace the ones from 2001. I went from 215/75/15 to 235/75/15. I went with that size in part due to looks, but also because of tire choice and price. The Hercules I picked are a tire I install at least once a week on customer cars, and I really like them. They're on my plow truck as well and they perform really well for the price. My cost was $80 each so it was an easy choice for me. I don't plan on doing anything but street cruising, so I didn't want anything aggressive either.
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