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picking the trail thru the woods


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MJ rule #6.........


when woods-wheeling, at night, DON'T follow the YJ/TJ/Rubicons if you're in an MJ (even a shortbed)


MJ rule #7.........


when the SWB Jeeps all decide to go left, DON'T follow two kids on a quad who go right.


I put some racing stripes on the Jeep Saturday night, and broke my passenger side mirror. I knew I was gonna hit the driverside.....it was a choice of body damage or dropping my left side in a 3 foot trench. Never even saw the tree that hit the mirror, all I heard was a thunk, and my wife yelling at me :D



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I love following the short Jeeps. :D I may not do the turns as smoothly, but I'll be danged if I won't follow wherever they lead. Although with that minispool up front the tight turns can be a bee-atch (multi-point turns are, um, "not unheard of"). And now I have the boggers sticking out in the rear, catching tree trucks as I go... And that one time I just pushed over the dead tree rather than try to go around it... :D The tighter the trail, the bigger the challenge. But I generally don't wheel at night. I bet that would make it exponentially harder.

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