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Budget Wheeler - 87' MJ

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On 2/5/2019 at 10:54 PM, Pete M said:

a body shop can get most of that out :L:   or you can leave it.  chicks dig scars :D 

I'm sure a shop fix all the rest of the jeep too for a small fortune :laugh:


Really though it has some rust above the wheel wells I will want to address eventually. 


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I bought this ford 8.8 off facebook marketplace, got a decent deal for it, $200.  It came with 4.10's and a lunchbox locker.  The seller bought it but didn't end up using it in their project.  The calipers and the rotors are really rusty but the internals all look solid.  I won't end up putting this in for a while, I know the jeep will be down for a while once I start the swap so I want to wait until a couple upcoming wheeling trips are over.



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