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no oil pressure

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Hi Everyone, 


I'm looking for some suggestions on what to try next. I currently do not have any oil pressure. I have a origional 2.6 4 cylinder 86 commence. The engine was fully rebuilt about 5 years or so ago. I got  manual gauge and tested the pressure and still got 0. I also took the gauge off and just had the hose hooked up and it barely dribbled out. After that i dropped the pan and changed the oil pump and did not find any spun bearings. Engine has no nocking when running. Any help on what to check next would be appreciated. 



Thank you,

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4 hours ago, Bryson said:

Yes iv changed the filter. I also hooked up an air line to the oil pressure sending unit and still get nothing. I could hear the air come back out the top breather when we tried it 



If you heard air coming from the valve cover, your air line was not connected to the oil pressure sender, it was connected to something/somewhere else.


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