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4.0 cherokee no start when cold out

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asking for a friend. he has a 1996 4.0 cherokee and when cold out she has a no start condition. warms up, fires right up and runs great. tried either and the 1st time was no start but tried a second and she fired up and ran great. she does crank strong. this problem is only on cold weather days. wheele her in doors and a while later, bang, starts and purs. ideas??

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Has it been checked for codes?

Clean up battery connections and get it tested, sure.

I'd be looking at regular hard starting culprits myself, like spark plugs and wires, cap/rotor, etc. I'd especially be looking at ignition issues if it's not keen to start on starting fluid. 

And just cause I'm curious, how cold is "when it's cold out"? 

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