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In my Spare Time . . .


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When I find the time, LOL!!!, I like to craft writing instruments (Dry Bonz Customs).


Here is a recent one . . .


All brass tubed 30-06, polished and powder coated clear. Satin copper "slimline" kit with white tail antler upper barrel.





Hey, I lay no claim to being a photographer!!!!

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Custom made? Yes, with a kit. A kit conists of the trans mission, tubes, clip with finial (capor end) and the nib (end where the ink cartride comes out) The casing has to be drilled to accept the tubes with some fitting work required. The antler is drilled and a tube glued in then turned on a lathe to the desired shape. I also use .308 casings which are a little shorter thus allowing for a longer antler (or what ever is being used) upper section.


Here is a pic of one made from a little bit larger caliber casing!!!


50 cal.!!!!!:rock on: Yes, it is an actual working pen!!



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Bottle stoppers too! Another of my home brewed resins.



I was going to ask something, but never mind.


So how much for a .50 cal pen?


I wonder if it's what I was gonna ask...



But anyway how much for that .50 cal shipped to 96158?

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It's a bottle stopper. For easy sealing of wine bottles and the like. Sheesh, you guys and your imaginations. :roll:


Ooooooohhhhh!!!! :thwak:



I thought it was part of a bong :dunno:

I thought... Well, that's not really for here...


So whats a .50 cal shipped to 14072?

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