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Hey gents. I have a 1986 Comanche with 2.5l 904 trans with the flat top bellhousing and a np207 tcase. I’m wanting to know I for on my tcase. Can I swap to a NP231 from a 90 laredoxj?  It has the vacuum disconnect and a mechanical speedo gear. I’m getting so much misinformation about Input shafts amd front output shafts. Just need someone to aim me I. The right direction. Thanks guys. 


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You need an np231 with 21 splines, I think that’s going to be 1987 to 1989. Now most 4cyl should be 21 spline as I remember it. But after 1991 they go to electronic speedometers, which is the same case more or less so it can take the cable and gear if you have the setup to swap.
I’m going to do this swap with my 85 XJ, np207 is not a bad transfer case, but the speedometer gears and every other part is readily available for the 231.

Of course you could rebuild the 1990 231 and put the correct input spline you need.

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