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Suspension replacement

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Found a set for JK 2011 for dirt cheap. Wondering if it might be a good swap for the tired 30 yr old suspension on my truck. 

Its shocks and springs only 50$. 


I remember seeing at one point someone saying JK would be a good swap but can't locate the post in my history or searches, can anyone confirm or correct me?


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All I can say, about your "Cheapo Swap" is DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!

Make sure the Shocks are Length and Mount Correct.

As for the Springs, Make Sure of the Capabilities and Specs of the Springs and Shocks you are looking to put in!!!!!

Weight Ratings and Lengths are able to be found, from multiple sources.


From what I can see, in your Pics, the Bottom Pairs of Springs and Shocks ( Pin Mount for Top Mount), look as to be a Possibility for the Front.

The Rear Shocks, WRONG UPPER MOUNT. MJ has Loops on Top & Bottom Mounts.

MJ Rear Springs Won't Work.

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35 minutes ago, Wounded_Fighter said:

Any recommendations on bushing sleeves? Never had to do that before. 


Never had to do what? Press them out? If so, use a long socket slightly smaller than the shock eye bushing sleeves and press them out with a vice.

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