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So after a long 9months (at my pace) which I hear is standard gestation for the Mj, I can finally call Truck Norris done...ish. Here’s the back story. As with most things it’s either a “no time plenty of money or a no money plenty of time” situation. However, all the planets aligned for this one. I purchased the Mj from a good friend who has been using it as a run around/driveway plow truck. He has swapped everything (engine, trans, interior, door interiors and skins...etc) from a 96 Xj. So what we are left with is a very comfortable 92 Mj with Ac and power everything. What better way to screw it up then to tear it apart right? But an Mj is what I have always dreamed of having. So from what I started with, here’s what it is now. 92 Mj 4.0/aw4 backed by an atlas 3.0, hp 44/9” combo with 5.13’s and 35sp shtuff, ox locker/Detroit combo. 4wheel disk with a line lock. 37” nittos and MT classic 2s. Home brew bumpers and rock sliders. Hydro assist from psc/redneck ram. SOA with stock 2WD springs and a home brew 3link. Behind bumper winch, interior cage, beard suspension seats ( I unknowingly bought the seats from a guy who owned the truck 2 owners ago), 2000 Xj center console. Most of the floor was cut out to mitigate rust. All of the cooling system is new, I’ve been chasing an over heating issue for a while but may finally have it licked...fingers crossed. An awesome custom head liner compliments of my buddy’s craft master wife, and the best Bluetooth speaker Walmart can supply for $42. Behind the wheel of this truck may be the most fun I have ever had on or off the road. 














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