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All Breeds Jeep Show - York PA 2018

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This past weekend was a great weekend all the way around.  Krustballer16 was here for the whole weekend - he traveled here with a ton of stuff including an awesome Stealth go cart for Bonkers, and a SWB Rollbar and MJ D44 for me.  We got destroyed in the rain with Mean Lemons at the show on Saturday, and I got a set of cables from him.  Also scored another posi MJ D44 at the show, courtesy of The Dude and Dom, who along the way started the Comanche Preservation Society.  Bonkers made it through all but a hurricane to come hang out, and Alexia won second place in Class 7 Modified, beating out all the other XJs and MJs but one.  87MJTim came up to the show, as well as a few other members, and we met some new people and made some new friends.


I think everybody had a great time, and it was really a lot of fun.  I'm down to host next year again.  We need to get a thread together a little earlier in 2019 to get more people involved.  Here are a few pics.  First, Alexia:




Next, MJs at the show.  Missed a few, but these were there all weekend:








That's my 91 in silver next to the red Eliminator in the last pic.  And here were some of the older MJ relatives:




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The red Cherokee S (far left) is a Facebook friend of mine, Michael Eoute's. He has been a wealth of knowledge for me and one day, I would be honored to meet him.

For me, my Comanche just wasn't ready for All Breeds this year, I wouldn't trust it for that length of trip, just yet. 2019 will be the year, for it.


Congrats Alexia! Your many hours of blood, sweat and tears, are finally paying off.

The Dude and Dom: The Comanche Preservation Society, how do I sign up?

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