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Voltage guage ??

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It's either a bad gauge, a bad lead, or a bad ground. That cluster is such that I'd just assume it's the guage since it's really hard for any other part of it to go bad without there being other problems. Get one from the boneyard.


X2. From the FSM: If your voltmeter is inop now, pull the cluster and measure the voltage at connector terminal A8. You should read battery voltage. If you do, the gauge is bad. If not, you have an open circuit to the gauges fuse.

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just be delicate when removing them and take your time...if you can't get them out with little effort (one type just pulls out, the other has screws on the back), then you're doing something wrong and it's time to take a step back and analyze...


gauges are pretty easy to mess with though.

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