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Full glass from XJ to replace stock square style?

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This is kinda hard to explain... so here it goes.


I noticed that a 97+ (not sure what else) has a single piece of glass for its door window. Rather then having the fixed triangle or vent window in the front.


Has anyone seen a write up or attempted such a swap? I ride with the windows down most of the time, and elbow to thumb... the existing open is a little small to get my arm relaxed on the door as I would like. The extra large opening of the 97+ would be a welcome change and give the MJ an overall cleaner appearance.



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The riser mechanisms are different between the two styles of glass, and so are the locations in the door where the riser mechanism attaches. I think I remember quite some while ago that someone in NAXJA reported that they had swapped one-piece glass into the early doors, but after replacing the window moter and mechanism in my wife's 2000 XJ and comparing the door with the earlier XJ/MJ doors, I don't see how it could be done.


On the other hand, although Kejtar is a pal of long standing from NAXJA, I have read his write up on swapping the new styles doors into the old style body and it did not seem to me to be a particularly sound way to approach it.

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