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4wheel Jamboree in Indy

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cool, if you plan on staying at a hotel, we are staying at the marriot which isn't on the list of hotels to stay at. if you stay there, i would call for reservations asap.


if not, we will save you a spot on the grounds. i will most likely have my truck, my dad will have is Willys, and we usually have 3-5 other trucks with us. pm your number and we will meet up there.

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he thinks that we should just bring my truck. it wouldn't be the same because he has been bringing is truck there for around 15 years straight. i will most likely drive down and my dad will trailer his. Either both trucks go or just his Willys, but probably both.

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Nice to meet up with you again Wade! :cheers:


We swung back by before we left, but you weren't there. Rebecca was getting hot and was ready to go, so we bailed kinda early. Had enough walking for 1 day.


Don't have a lot of pics as I didn't feel like getting the camera out every 2 seconds. But I figured I'd post what do I have.


Cool MJ we found. Had baja fenders front and rear.










At the rock pile.













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there was another really nice comanche there to. i saw it on sunday. it was an 87 with 2 tone black and silver. it was parked right next to the camo comanche. i went and got the camera and it was gone :cry:


i told him about the site and he said he would check it out. maybe he will post pics if he joins. :brows:

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