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Fuel Rail Disconnect O-Rings Broken

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Before re-connecting the fuel line to the fuel rail inlet, I verified the o-rings looked and felt in good condition. After connecting the fuel line and priming the fuel pump, it started to leak. Removing the fuel line revealed two busted o-rings (one missing in this pic). I would suspect that I just need to replace the o-rings, but I wonder if I'm missing something else here... :confused: , because I would guess that if I just replace the o-rings will the same issue happen again.




The service manual mentions some repair kit that comes with a disposable plug that you are supposed to replace whenever you disconnect any of these quick disconnects. Does that apply here? Should I just be able to install two new o-rings, and are these o-rings indeed 3/8"?




Thanks a lot. 

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Fuel disconnects

Quick disconnect part numbers

The Napa part numbers for just o-rings *is:

Napa 730-5018 3/8 Viton individual o-rings 
Napa 730-5017 5/16 Viton individual o-rings 
*Remember to re-use your old spacer between the 2 new o-rings!!

Napa CRB 212305 fuel line repair kit 5/16
Dorman 800-750 trans line repair kit 3/8

Mopar repair kits:

83502745 fuel line repair kit 5/16 
83504447 fuel line/Trans line repair kit 3/8 

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