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Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir Replacement

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I'm using the 96 brake booster / master in my MJ. The plastic reservoir is crazing a bit and I'd like to replace it. Replacement reservoirs are available from both Mopar and aftermarket. Has anyone done this? I don't have a 95/96 FSM to check how the damn tank is removed. Can you just pop it off (after removing the brake fluid of course) w/o bleeding the system afterward? I'm thinking yes, since the master cylinder will still be full, but just checking to be sure.

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I have done it , kind of . 


I had had a leaky MC and had to switch the reservoir over because the New MC didn't come with one . But in my case I had to bleed the brakes afterwards. Your theory seems sound ,I don't think you'll lose that much fluid to introduce air in the system . After filling the reservoir I would let the brake fluid sit for awhile to allow the air bubbles to rise before pressing the brake pedal at all... 

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Finally got around to swapping in the new brake fluid reservoir. Picked it up on Ebay, a new Mopar unit that came with new grommets and roll pins. Overall pretty easy, except breaking it loose from the master. It required quite a bit of leverage with a couple of large screw drivers. I found the best way was to pop the front nipple out first, rotate it clockwise until it cleared the master cylinder body, then pop the rear nipple out. Suck all the fluid out with a turkey baster as best you can first, but it'll still make a mess because you can't get all the brake fluid out. Use plenty of rags and plastic to prevent splashes. The roll pins tapp out and back in easily using the correct drift punches. And best of all, no need to remove the master cylinder - so no bleeding required.




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