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Dakota Seats to stock Comanche mounts

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An update!! Looks like we are pulling my seat this Thursday or Friday to make templates.  I also found a really ratty MJ at a wrecking yard and we are going to cut out the floorboard and use it as a jig while Bob puts the mounts together.  I like the way he thinks. Hopefully in production in the next week and I'll let everyone know when we are ready to start taking definite orders.  Thanks for your patience.

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Sorry for the delays, Bob has been very busy at his Custom Car Shop due to a couple of spring car shows.  I think I have a solid agreement to do the patterns this week and he can start cutting the parts. Once the parts are ready, he can weld them up quickly, and I'll ship them off. I'm mostly retired so shipping is the easy part.:thumbsup:   BE WARNED: At some point he is supposed to re-arch my rear springs, and that's my spring priority!:banana: 

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