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Making roll bar brackets

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This is sort of a "wanted" post but at the same time it's not...


I see there's a handful of people that need roll bar brackets made.

I could probably do that, except I don't have a factory set to copy.

I've made 2 crude sets in the last but I want a better pattern, a factory set...


So if anybody would wanna help me and others out and send me a factory set (id pay shipping) to borrow for a while and copy, that would be awesome.


Is there anything other factory parts that need copied that maybe I can do?

I've got a factory bumper bracket to copy...





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PM me.  I have a factory set I can loan you.  Just the front pieces not the wheelwell pieces, but they'd be easy to figure out.  I can send a template of the rollbar feet also to aid in fabbing the wheelwell pieces.  Maybe give me a discount on a full set when they're ready?

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I have the wheel well pieces , I'd also like to purchase a complete set once you make them .... 
I still have my home made wheel well pieces from round one lol.
Krypt is sending me a set to copy next week. I'll see what I can come up with as soon as possible! Thanks

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