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89 mj (rattlecan) D44 found at JY today with locker in it

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ok, got the 33's on the mj. still need 2 inches up front to remove the rake.

still looking for the transmission and tcase to get the 4x4 goin.


been fun thanks everyone for getting me stoked to do this. now the expensive stuff starts..


before lift



after lift



after 33's


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f150 coils. it actually does not ride to shabby.


they will be going away next month when i order some new 6.5" coils.

I have a pretty good rake up front i want to get rid of so for now i have some spacers i'll put in.


i was looking at the coils from the mercury cougar but they didn't look like the right diameter so i passed on them.


Like i said i am still hunting the trans/tcase down and hope to come across one shortly. I am also suprised the 2.5 pushes those 33's pretty well.

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I think I was looking at that mj too, but found a ’89 4wd model here for $800 a couple months ago. I never went up to look at it. Good find. I got mine off craigslist tucson, was searching all the southwest links for a year.


I saw your thread on a local board about it. I’ll come up to a m&g or something and check it out. Or if you get it wheeling I’ll be around in my J20 until I get mine going on the rocks. tipshades.gif

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  • 5 months later...

finally got around to doing some more work..


orioginal lift had ford f150 springs whcih worked well but didn't last long. got some 3inchish re springs put em on.


after a few months time to start on the 4wd swap. Should have taken lots of pictures but i didn't.


got a great deal on some 4.5 springs and bought 1 3/4 spacer to level out my rake i had so needed to get my caster back to spec.


started with adjustable upper control arms and some fixed lowers. still couldn't get the caster right

at 6 inches of lift the ride sucked and the death wobble was rediculous. talked to lots of people and almost went with the 3link Rockkrawler kit but after much decisiveness went with drop brackets.


after one day of having them its nice...




next step tomorrow night i am pulling the 2wd trans out and putting a ax5 4wd behind it. have to change the bellhousing as the v6 doesn't have the CPS slot. no biggie.


i'll try to get more pics from here on out to help document and show people some stuff. especailly during the trans swap.


still have a lot of cleaning t odo on the trans. it had 1/2 of dirt packed in some places shifts fine though and appears in good running order



after the trans swap and drivelines looking to put in a 8.8 whcih i will be sure to document well for everyone.

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ok, could not be helped. everyone has green i know but it just looks so good!

I had to do it...


good looking truck. ha same color i am going to paint mine when i get a different one. the color looks good, and just makes the truck look even sweeter, i think anyways.

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Those tires would look NARLEY on the MJ....i might have one at my work thats been there forever...they want really nothing for it..i have to verify the size...can't remember if its a 36" or a 38"...if its a 36" ill grab it for ya..they only want like 30 bucks for it and it BRAND NEW never mounted... :D

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well, got a lot done recently! pulled my transmission and got the new one in


comparing the two trans. 4x4 on the right




after getting it installed




and a night time late flex shot..




best i could find at my house. gonna try to do a shakedown run tomorrow sometime.

also need to hit the JY for Some springs for Offfroad461.

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picked up some junkyard buckets today for $30 bucks.


took out that old bench seat i had.




after that the floor was a mess. but instead of cleaning it i had to get my drivers seat in at least.




and here we go with one seat. no tears in em and it is amazing how much space opens up with buckets. i didn't think it would be that noticeable



also got my posilok in. can't wait to put it in the truck tomorrow night. got it for $50 dollars!



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