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Close Calls and other fun stories


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this accidentally started here http://comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5653


changing lains into rutts is bad almost flipped my minivan proly 35-40mph no 360 just 180 to the right, 180 to the left, 180 to the right..then i lost count.. only two narrow lains and power poles running down both sides (i was hoping it would just tip so i didnt hit one of the poles or suport lines)but i guess the weight of about $12000 in tools kept it upright. got it off the street and just about pissed myself, the guy i was fallowing said from his rear vew he thaught it should have flipped

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Oh I've had so many close calls it's hard remember, (260,000 miles).


I do remember one during a Blizzard I think it was 1994? anyhow I was driving back to Manhattan from PA, on RT 80.

Visibility was VERY POOR. So bad that even a big Highway plow truck had actualy driven off the road and gotten stuck.


Anyhow musta been about a good foot of snow covering the road, and me being young and stupid. ;)

I was tooling along at about 40-45mph, when all of the sudden there is this Fullsize custom Van just stopped, sitting there with his hazards on. ( I geuss since he couldn't see the road he didn't know if he was in a lane or on the sholder), and to be honest I wasn't even sure If I was either.


Anyhow I had just enough time to throw the steering wheel hard left. Missed him by inches and proceeded to slide back and forth, (don't ask me why I didn't spin into a 360), clear off the road and down a 20-30 foot embankment. Luckily I didn't roll it, (don't ask me how!?)

I couldn't make it back up the embankment though, so I had to drive along in the center median for awhile before I could get back up onto the highway.

Once I got back on the interstate, I drove a little slower.


Hehe, Then there was the othertime I sunk my YJ in a river.

but that realy wasn't a close call, that was more of a wipe out, and stupidity. Jeep ended up being Ok, once we got an old Farmall tractor to pull it out. I made the mistake of not flushing out the transmission/transfercase and rears.

So the water that entered them eventualy caused me to blow the rear, and transmission.


Oh well live and learn,,,,

or more aptly put

Play and Pay!


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yeah...going to fast for conditions taking a buddy home after school, hit a patch of ice, did a 360 and just missed a house. and my truck was only done for about 2 months


a side note: akamcbird, i was reading your list of vehicle you have. do you happen to have any pics of that eagle with a 10 inch lift. sounds like it looks pretty crazy.

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