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more tire questions

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whats the widest rim i can put a LT235\75r15 on?

i ask because the pretty rims ive got are 8" w\3.75 bs

if the tires will fit the rim will the bs cause them to scrub fenders?

if the tires don't fit whats the smallest tire that will? and will they scrub?


questions relative to a stock suspension...4x4 swb


please only answer with information of personal experience (so and so did this will not help as i don't feel like mounting tires more than once)


thanx for the help

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There are more differences then just the size....


"PS" rated tires NEED the narrower rim like 6 or 7". A "LT" tire will likely be ok on a 8" rim but 7" would be better.


See the comonality... the simple answer your looking for is 7 inches.



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A 235/75R15 has a cross-section width of 9.25" -- it'll be just fine on an 8" rim and that's well within the rim range listed on the manufacturers' charts.


The backspacing is going to be a problem, though. They WILL smash into your fenders when you try to turn. The factory rims are 7" with 5-1/4" backspacing. 235s work well with no lift on the factory rims but they do NOT work well if you have less backspacing.

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