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87 4.0 Vacuum Harness

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I was searching around to find a good part number for the front and rear vacuum line harness for my 87 4.0 Comanche. From what I found, the 715-1366 and 715-1367 (NAPA NUMBERS) will not work with the 87's due to certain hoses not reaching or lining up? Does anyone know a good part number for the 87's Vacuum line assembly (front and rear)? I did find a good CROWN P#: 53004375 , but looking for the other half for the full assembly.

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The two main vac harnesses Hooked up as they should. The routing wasn't as perfect as the factory, but they work with no leaks. The line from the rear of the valve cover to the intake manifold wasn't close, so I reused the stocker.



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