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1987 Jeep Comanche SporTruck


Has a 2.5L I4 / Not sure if its a 4 or 5 speed. Says 5 on the shift knob but won't shift into said 5th gear / 231 transfer case 4WD / dana 30 front / dana 35 rear / standard bed


BUILD DATE: Not sure on build date as the sticker is completely gone




STATUS: Currently INW. Slowly doing as much as I can on the weekends.


NOTES: Nothing special just a hot mess as the last owner neglected this vehicle for a few years and beat it up as a hunting truck. Seems to have a lot of electrical gremlins but the body and engine seem to be in very good shape.




UPDATE: 20180126

-Threw on a skyjacker 3” springs with some adjustable shackles for the rear. 

-Completing paint within the next month. She will be desert tan with black along the bottom

-Looking for a new engine for the ol gal. Either a 4BT or an LS. Not sure if I want to take the diesel route yet.

-Bucket seat conversion done

-Center console from same era Cherokee in and making brackets for it

-Repairing, repainting and replacing interior parts to match new paint

-Sliding rear glass will be in as well

-bought a genuine LUND Visor but it is for a Cherokee and may sell it or try and make it work for the Comanche

-Electrics are all working. Reworked them and have aspirations of a complete rewire down the road

-97+ header panel is ordered and going on this weekend


UPDATE: 20181015


-Painted last night with Monstaliner Pyroclastic

-Lund visor for Cherokee sold and purchased a recreation for a Comanche

-97+ front clip on

-Donor Cherokee purchased just need to find time to do the conversion (yeah right)






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