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Clutch kits

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I'll be replacing the clutch in the truck here in the next week or so and was wondering if you guys had any pros or cons about certain kits? I'm thinking about using the cheaper of the two offered from o reilly but I'm not 100 percent sold yet. My truck is a daily driver 5 speed that no off roading with a 40 mile one way commute thanks in advance guys!


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You might want to check Amazon for the LuK clutch kit as well as Rock Auto.


I find by the time you add freight at Rock Auto, it is sometimes just easier to buy from Amazon.  Especially if you have an Amazon Prime membership.  Another thing to look for at Amazon is their "used" or open box items.  With auto parts, these are just simply returned items that are in damaged packages for a really great marked down price. 

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Not sure if it was an oddball incident or not, but I just bought a LUK kit from Rockauto and while trying to bleed the system, all of the sudden it started spewing. Bad slave cylinder that came with the kit. Might've just been a fluke though.




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Luk rep set or Luk gold.

Make sure it's for a 91, not a later year.

It should come with the pilot bearing and internal slave cylinder along with a clutch disc pilot tool to line up the clutch disc with the input shaft.


The Luk Gold clutch in my 1998 XJ has lasted 230,000 miles.

That includes heavy towing and offroading.

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