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1990 Comanche Stroker Build

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Hey everyone,

I first posted here when I got my jeep, and I suck at taking pictures haha. I'm determined to keep my build going for this motor though! So far, I've gotten a parts motor, pistons, rods, and machining is going on. Here's some pictures of what I have so far:

Cleaned up oil pan:


Roller Rockers:


Block Getting machined (Thanks russ!)


I've been working with Russ Pottinger, who everyone loves, to design this motor. So far, these are what I have planned:
40 over forged pistons 24 cc dish

full floating scat steel rods

12 weight crank

ported and polished 0630 head with LS valves

ported 99+ intake

CARB legal headers (lord help me)

24lb injectors (or 30 lb so much conflicting information)

Comp Camps 232

double roller billet timing chain


So a few questions as I progress (slowly) through this build. Russ seems to think I'll make around 275/365 on this motor (damn), with about a 9.6 Compression ratio, and he is INSISTENT on the fact that I can still run 87. My block is getting a .008 deck, with the piston sticking out of the bore, with the mopar perf head gasket. We will see!
About the injectors, I was doing some online calculating, and apparently to push 275HP I'll need a 28.6lb/hr injector, which the ford 24lb isnt enough. Would an adjustable MAP and FPR be enough, or should I spring for the 30lb ford injectors? 

More questions as I move along, my goal is to finish by Christmas for a new years snow trip!

Here's a picture of my Jeep for now as she sits:


(anyone want to buy those fenders? lol)

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The only accurate way to tell which injectors you'll need is running the built engine on the dyno or in the vehicle using an AFR meter. For sure you will need an adjustable FPR to dial the injectors in, so I'd go with the 24psi injectors you have now and see how they perform using the meter. For my 4.6 stroker the 23.2psi Mopar 53030778 injectors running at 46psi gave me the best all-around AFR ratio across idle and WOT conditions. You engine sounds like it will be a bit "hotter" than mine, but you can always go bigger later if necessary.


Let us know how those Sharp roller rockers work - I'm seriously considering them or the Yella Terras.


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I'll let you know. I ended up with the 1.6 rockers because I wanted more low end torque, and the 1.7 just seemed equivalent to running a bigger camshaft. I also went with the non adjustable because I didn't want the HE$CO Valve cover spacer lol. They sure look darn pretty

Edit: I went these over the YT because these are rebuild able I'm being told, and those aren't. Also, I got them for like 340$ so a good deal in my books.

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Just ordered 24 lb injectors. I'm sure if they don't work out, someone on here will want them. 

Any opinons on the best brand of bearings to order? Sealed Power? Clevite? Kings? I don't mind paying a little extra for something that will go longer. Also, opinions on the HV mellings oil pump? I got some Johnson lifters as well, seems like those are well liked. Once i pick up my block, I get to drop my head off. Getting ported, polished, machined to 60cc and LS valves installed. My wallets going to hate me  :rotf:

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Question for all forum guys with ANY experience in this: I'm looking for a ceramic coated, CARB legal header for an XJ/MJ. I'd be better off finding unicorns... Anyways, I've narrowed it down to two: (am I allowed to post links?)


Gibson: https://www.amazon.com/Gibson-GP400S-C-Ceramic-Coated-Performance/dp/B000LG4ATA

JBA: https://www.amazon.com/JBA-1526SJT-Stainless-Titanium-Wrangler/dp/B000N5JNF0


Anyways, my main concerns are QC (I've heard great AND bad things from both..do I just go for it?), and air flow. Are these big enough for a stroker? I was totally down for a set of DT, but after all the negative things I've seen about them, that's out the window. Any advice is welcome.

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